Monday, April 11

Kids in SeattleEbeth and Lena
  Update on the Kids and Grandkids in Seattle
Several of you have asked how my son, Andrew, and wife, Elisabeth, and grandkids, Lena and Augy are doing since they moved. Well, they are doing great! They found a lovely condo not far from the coast near Andrew’s job in Seattle.    They have been visiting parks almost every night according to Elisabeth. She said, “The air just smells so fresh!”     It’s still rainy and chilly up there, but it’s so beautiful too! That’s why dear hubby, who grew up there, has had such a hard time acclimating to Texas. It’s a real ‘step down’ for him. LoL! He wants us to retire there someday, and now I’m sure we will!
new condo 2             

New Job and New House
Andrew’s job is going great. He has settled right in and enjoys the work. He and Elisabeth found a gorgeous condo. I love the dark wood. got quite a bit of furniture from IKEA and are getting everything installed and in place. They now have two matching high chairs for Lena and Augy. Aren’t the kids darling?  We so miss them! But we are all getting very good at Skyping using web cams. Lena saw Tim and I during one of our ‘skype visits’ one night and she immediately said, “Bubbles!!” So they got the handheld bubble machine I bought her and she blew bubbles while we cheered her on. Oh..that hurts just a bit. How I wish I was there! (This was her favorite activity at our house.)

Visiting Family from Germany and Washington
Elisabeth's mom, Elfie, is at their house for a visit this month (she’s from Germany), and her brother, Johannes came over for dinner with a friend from Vancouver last week.  That really blesses me to know the Elisabeth’s family who have been so far away are now more accessible. She really needs that I think. :o)  After Elisabeth’s mom flies back to Germany, they will come down here for graduations and saying goodbye to Jacob who will be leaving for bootcamp in Mid-May.  Andrew and Elisabeth visited Tim’s Uncle Jon and Aunt Elaine and his brother and wife, Mike and Kristi Rodgers and their twins. I’m so glad they are getting to know some of Tim’s family from the Washington area. :o)

Coming to Texas in May for a Visit!
They will stay for us for a weekend, then Andrew has to fly back to work, but Ebeth will be here for a month. She will be staying with us for a week at the end of May. Ah..six or seven days of grandbaby and DIL bliss! I’m so looking forward to their visit!    Well…for those of you who asked how they were, I do hope you enjoyed this photo update. :o) Here’s counting the days until May 17th!!

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